Holter System ECG SE-2003A & SE-2012A

Holter System ECG SE-2003A & SE-2012A


Compact, Light & Waterproof

The Holter Recorder reaches protection grade up to IP22, intending to prevent unexpected damages from water or dust, which maximizes patients’ freedom in their daily life and facilitates the cleaning and sterilization procedure in the hospital.

SE-2003A/SE-2012A Holter Analysis System



3-channel Recorder


12-channel / 3-channel Recorder


Standard Functions

Dynamic Learning & Searching Function Histogram
Lorenz Plot
Waveform Superposition Heat Map

ST Analysis
Atrial Fibrillation Analysis Heart Rate Variability Analysis QT Analysis
Page Scan
Pacemaker Analysis

Optional Functions

Watefall Plot
T-wave Alternans Analysis
Vector ECG Functions
Ventricular Late Potentials Analysis

Let the software fit

your preference Quick switch through the customized toolbar

The top toolbar brings access to different function modules.
It can be customized by users based on their preference, bringing a user-defined workflow.


Speed, Accuracy & Usability

Efficiency in Templates Classification

Color coded templates labeling for quick recognition Multilevel classification of QRS as sub-templates Shortcut keys for fast labeling
Batch insert the tags of undetected heartbeats

Dynamic Learning & Searching Engine

• Match QRS by Type
This function automatically categorizes QRS complex whose morphology features are similar with the one you confirmed.

• Batch-delete Artifact
By selecting a certain segment as artifact to delete, this function helps you to filter out all the artifacts similar with the chosen one.

Waveform Superposition Heat Map

The Waveform Superposition Heat Map shows overlapping waveforms and exposes infrequent segments. This function delivers a quick reference to locate the distinct waveforms for you to review, making your practice more efficient.


A group of Interval Histogram provides an easy access to analyze all the heart beats with different intervals, which helps to quickly locate the infrequent segments and also provides a brief understanding of the patient cardiac condition.

Lorenz Plots

The Lorenz Plots shows the R-R intervals in a visualized way to quickly indicate the nonhomogeneous beat-to-beat variability. You can also reversely select the distinct points to view the corresponding waveforms.


Sophisticated, Extensive

but Simple

Automatic ST Evaluation & ST Reanalysis

The ST Elevation/Deviation can be automatically detected and presented in the
ST Evaluation Chart, together with the ST color mapping.
Without interrupting any previous procedures, you can separately modify the J Point, ST Point and T Wave Offset by reanalyzing ST segment.

Automatic AFIB Segments Detection

The atrial fibrillation segments can be automatically detected and presented in the AFIB list, where you can quickly locate and check the distinct period of waveforms. It also supports one-button operation to delete SVE in AFIB period.

Interactive HRV Analysis

The HRV analysis module brings comprehensive information through Time-domain methods and Frequency-domain methods, presenting Histogram, Trend Graph, Evaluation Table and Spectrum.