Introducer Set / Sheat Femoral

Introducer Set / Sheat Femoral


Introducer Set / Sheat Femoral

  • Different color and number make easy identity for different French size.
  • Atraumatic tip reduce the damage to the artery.
  • Cross-cut haemostasis valve minimizing blood reflux and air aspiration.
  • 0.035″ or 0.038″ Stainless steel guidewire, Ni-Ti guidewire available.
  • Hydrophilic coated sheath available.


Ref.No. Size Length of Sheath Guide wire Needle Hyrdophilic coating
ISO5 4Fr 110cm 0.035″ 18G/70mm NO
IS01 5Fr 110cm 0.038″
ISO2 6Fr 110cm
IS03 7Fr 110cm
I504 8Fr 110cm
HISOS 4Fr 110cm 0.035″ 18G/70mm YES
HISO1 5Fr 110cm 0.038″
HISO2 6Fr 110cm
HIS03 7Fr 110cm
HISO4 8Fr 161cm