OptiCross™ 40 MHZ Coronary Imaging Catheter

OptiCross™ 40 MHZ Coronary Imaging Catheter

Kateter Intravaskular Ultrasonografi (IVUS) OptiCross™ adalah kateter yang dinilai oleh para dokter lebih mudah disalurkan dibandingkan dengan Volcano Eagle Eye™, terutama pada lesi yang kompleks.


OPTICROSS Coronary Imaging Catheters Product Specifications


Typical Use Coronary Coronary
Transducer Frequency 40 MHz 40 MHz
Maximum Diameter Penetration 6 mm 6 mm
Sheath Compatibility (with max wire) 5F 6F
Guide Catheter Compatibility 5F (ID ≥ 0.058″) 6F (ID ≥ 0.064″)
Guidewire Lumen Length 16 mm 16 mm
Guidewire Compatibility ≤ 0.014″ ≤ 0.014″
Entry Profile 0.026″ 0.017″
Imaging Window Profile 2.6F 2.9F
Crossing Profile 3.1F 3.1F
Prep Location Proximal Proximal
Catheter Telescoping Length 150 mm 150 mm
Sled Pullback Length 100 mm 100 mm
Tip to Transducer Distance 20 mm 20 mm
Distal Marker to Transducer 15 mm 15 mm
Working Length 135 mm 135 mm
Hydrophilic Coating Bio-SlideTM Z-GlideTM

5 French Guide Catheter Compatible
Guide Catheter Compatibility

Imaging Catheter
OptiCross™ Catheter Atlantis SR Pro2™ Catheter Eagle Eye™ Catheter Revolution™ Catheter
Convey Guiding Catheter*
Launcher Coronary Guide Catheter
Heart Rail III Coroary Guiding Catheters
(Terumo Medical)


Superior Deliverability5

OptiCross™ has better deliverability than Volcano* & improved image quality2

OptiCross™ Improvements

  • 23% shorter tip to transducer length4
  • Smallest crossing profile5
  • Redesigned Monorail Catheter

OptiCross 5F=1.6mm
OptiCross improved acoustic capabilities

Improved Image Quality

Axial Resolution
Eagle Eye™ Catheter < 170 micron
Revolution™ Catheter 50 micron
iCross™ Catheter 43 micron
OptiCross™ Catheter 38 micron
  1. Axial resolution is important to clearly see stent struts.
  2. Better axial resolution
  3. Darker, more apparent lumen

OptiCross axial resolution

OptiCross™ Catheter
Image quality of OptiCross

Atlantis SR Pro2™ Catheter
Image quality of iCross

Improved Ease of Use

OptiCross™ Colored Tip: For enhanced visualization during prep

OptiCross™ 1 cm Telescope Marker: Quickly gauge pullback distance

OptiCross colored tip OptiCross 1cm telescope marker
Telescope Improvements

  • Extended proximal shaft covers drive cable to reduce entanglement.
  • Stiffer telescope reduces likelihood of kinking during imaging core advancement

Atlantis SR Pro2™ Catheter
Atlantis SR Pro Imaging Catheter
OptiCross™ Coronary Imaging Catheter
OptiCross Coronary Imaging Cathether
New Hub Design

  • “Click” sound with connection
  • Reduced potential for connection error

iCross mdu connection OptiCross mdu connection